PAX EAST – 180 Bullet Time Photo Booth

180 green screen gif
bullet time green screen
gif green screen photo booth

For those of us Limelight veterans, PAX has been a constant fixture, year in and year out. We love it and everyone who makes up that community, because after a couple of times being there you know who you’re going to see. But you never know what to expect and that’s the best part about the weekend. No two PAXs are alike. Perhaps that’s why there are so many now.

Back in late April, a couple of us here at the office got to go play out in the wild in one of our favorite events, PAX East. Like before, the expo took place in Boston, MA and of course we teamed up with some good people for another fun-filled weekend.

This time out we were invited out to promotea sweet new game, Gwent: The Witcher Card Game; an addition to The Witcher series. To do so, we brought out a crowd favorite, our Matrix Cam and partnered it up with a Green Screen. Our Matrix Cam is our shortened take on the Bullet Time Photo Booth, which we have also brought to PAX before, except for we only use three cameras instead of one the bigger installations (check out our Quantum Break write-up by clicking here).  

For the Green Screen, our creative department made four different backgrounds the user got to choose from, a battlefield, a forest, a lakefront, or a mountain range, the users names were added to the GIF as well as and for added game-play feel the “range” and the “level” attributes of the backgrounds was on a randomized loop that we programmed so that each photo came out looking as though the user was a card from the game with their own unique attributes, because everybody wants to be the needle in the haystack, not the haystack.

Afterwards attendees were able to share to twitter for the witcher sweepstakes! 

Like always, we had a blast at PAX East. Now we have our eyes set on Comic Con down in San Diego. Who will we see out there?