PAX East | Bullet Time Photo Booth

Behind the Scenes of the Matrix Cam

At Limelight, some of our favorite clients are in the gaming world. This is because we are allowed to really get creative! We had 3 photo booth stations in Boston, MA this March for PAX East, but our largest setup by far, was our Matrix Camera Array. 
XBOX brought us in with the experiential marketing teams to create a super exciting interaction for the release of Quantum Break. We pulled out all the big guns, and came in heavy with 24 cameras on a beautiful branded array. 

Our Bullet Time photo booth produced some really interesting 3D GIFs.

We had a full team of trained photographers and BAs to help people get inspired for their poses. After guests entered the photo area and picked there pose, ALL 24 cameras snapped at the exact same time to freeze the frame. Much like in the movie the Matrix, its namesake, time is frozen, and you get one super sweet GIF.

Guests were able to share direct from our online gallery instantly. From our cloud share gallery, they could email, post to facebook, twitter, linkedin, and google plus! 

Interested in learning more about our Matrix Cam? Click Here, we offer 3, 5, 7 12, to 100 camera options! We also do full 360 Camera Arrays as well!