Motion Graphics Photo Booth

Motion graphics photo booths are a fun and exciting way to add a touch of creativity to any event or brand launch. These booths combine the traditional concept of a photo booth with animated graphics and visual effects to create stunning, interactive experiences. Guests can pose for photos, which are then transformed into dynamic, eye-catching animations that are perfect for sharing on social media.



Green screen video room with animated graphics for Fox Sports


Animated green screen graphics for Gears of War at San Diego Comic Con

What’s the process to create our animations?

Our specialized software creates animations in real time. When a guest takes a photo or video, the software processes the image and applies animations and visual effects to create a dynamic and engaging animation. The animations can be customized to suit the event, with options ranging from simple animations to more complex, interactive experiences.

/ Concept Devolpment

The first step is to develop a concept or idea for the animation. This involves identifying the key messages and objectives of the animation and developing a rough script or outline.

/ Storyboarding

After the concept is complete, the storyboard artist creates a visual representation of the concept in the form of a series of panels or frames. Each panel depicts a specific scene or action, along with any necessary dialogue or sound effects.

/ Animation

After the storyboard is approved, the animator brings the storyboard to life through animation. This involves creating a series of frames that show the movement and action of the characters and objects in the scene.

/ Post-Production

Once the animation is complete, we incorporate the animation sequence into our event production pipeline and we’re set and ready for shooting stills and videos.

Features and Benefits of Adding Motion Graphics

  • Engaging and Interactive Experience: Create a fun, interactive, and engaging experience for guests. People love to see themselves in action and enjoy the opportunity to create personalized content.
  • High-Quality Visuals: High-quality visuals that can be customized to fit the theme of the event. These visuals can be created using professional software and equipment, which can make them more visually appealing and memorable.
  • Branding and Marketing: Can also be a powerful branding and marketing tool for businesses. Companies can add their logos, branding, and other promotional messages to the visuals, which can help to increase brand awareness and drive engagement.
  • Social Media Sharing: Designed to allow guests to share their photos and videos on social media platforms. This can help to extend the reach of the event and create more buzz around the brand or occasion.
  • Data Collection: Can also collect data on the people who use them. This data can include information such as email addresses and social media handles, which can be used for future marketing campaigns and outreach.