Matrix Cam 180 Bullet Time Photo Booth

Cutting Edge Technology

Not just a photo booth, this is the future of the custom photo experience in 3D.
Matrix Cam 180 Bullet Time Photo Booth

     HOW Does This Work?!

  • Matrix Cam can be fully branded or partially skinned.
  • Guests enter the Photo OP area. 
  • Guests pick an awesome action pose with the help of
    our super star photographers!
  • SNAP! All 3, 5, 7, 12, 24, or 48 cameras fire instantly.
  • These images are compilied into one shareable GIFs or MP4.
  • The Guest shares to social media.
360 GIF Spiderman Photo
360 GIF Photo Booth of people jumping


When you need wow factor, or just the next level photo booth, you need the Matrix Cam.
This new technology of bullet time, freeze frames, are becoming the perfect experiential marketing sensation. 

Limelight offers bullet time camera array systems in all sizes. from a simple 3 camera setup, to a huge 360° build out.  Freeze time with this unique and exponentially shareable product!

Matrix Cam - 180 Photo Booth