LA Green Screen GIF Booth – Golden Road Brewing

Back in March, we got to rock a grand opening in sunny Los Angeles, where the skies are blue and the beaches are full of sand and water. LA, having its reputation as something of a party town, it made sense that the reason for our being down there was, in fact, a party.

 We were invited by the client to come down and promote Golden Road Brewing at the grand opening for Grand Central Market’s newest shop. For both Golden Road Brewing, a company that is proud of their beer being brewed and canned in LA, and for Grand Central Market, a Los Angeles staple since the beginning of the 20th century, it was important that their hometown and community be properly represented in our photos.

 To make this event unique, we were asked to not only come out with our photobooth expertise, but to also play around with our imagination and capabilities for a more “hands on” experience. Enter the Cinematic GIF. We partnered our Green Screen and GIF booth, where we displayed a custom background that we created for the event, drawing inspiration from LA’s graffiti sub-culture. We threw in the city landscape, a palm tree, and the side of a factory wall that had a graffitied woman on it. It really looked as though we were in the heart of LA, drinking a beer, enjoying one of those magical days that draw so many to La La Land.

 Next up, we decided to use some stop motion animation to make the palm tree sway and to make the graffiti come alive. We are big fans of multiple moving parts over here. The real kicker to this event was the custom skateboard we built, bolted down to a green-screened frame that gave the the attendees the appearance of being mid-ollie, or mid-flight.

 We had our Social Media Station on site for everyone to share their GIFs directly to Facebook and Twitter, or send it directly to their emails.

To say that our client was happy and that all the attendees had a great night is an understatement. We might have even had some fun ourselves.

LA Green Screen GIF Booth – Golden Road Brewing


  • We design multi-layered green screen backgrounds
  • We apply custom branded overlay
  • Guests get silly and and snap a shot.
  • The layered background moves behind the guest
  • This creates a cinemagraph style image
  • Guest posts to social media!