SXSW – Austin GIF Photo Booth

With the passing of every spring and summer comes the promise of festivals: music, art, and film, among others. We don’t know when this started, but you won’t find us complaining. The thing about festivals is that there is usually plenty of alcohol to drink, plenty of pretty people, and more than enough entertainment that everyone will need help remembering some of these memories. Enter Limelight, stage left.

This past March we had the good fortune of being invited out by Hormel Taco Meat to bring some of our photo booth savvy out to join them at SXSW. Once we got to Austin, we had to make our way to a beautiful mansion at an undisclosed location (initial thoughts: secrecy begets importance). Once we finally arrived, we were welcomed to Jam in the Van at the GQ Artist House, a musical event sponsored by JITV and GQ, with the additional sponsorship from RAEN, Lagunitas Beer, and Jarritos.

Music festivals are meant to be special, so we showed up prepared with one of our personal favorite sets ups: the GIF photo booth. Each person or group stepping in front of our camera, and therefore into the limelight (see what I did there?), was stepping up in front of a fun custom background designed specifically for Hormel with a matching fully branded iClick to boot. Of course we brought out all the necessary fixings and party favors so that the bands scheduled to play Jam in the Van could pick their favorite props for a unique photobooth experience. Each person or group getting up in front of our camera got four shots that then bled seamlessly together to create the moving memories of their day in the desert. Like always, we had our Social Media Station on site so that they could share their GIFs instantly with friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #TACOGOALS.
As an added bonus, our own lovely Mishalla got to experience an impromptu acoustic set from Wyclef Jean. Sometimes, this job truly has its moments.
Here are some of our favorite GIFS from Jam in the Van at the GQ Artist House.

Austin Photo Booth