Lexus – 3D GIF Booth Bay Area

Lexus 3d gif
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Looking back through galleries of past events is always a fascinating experience—reliving all of  the funny faces; the all-too-adorable couples; the much-too-crowded group pictures; the weird costumes and absurd poses (oh, those absurd poses!); and my personal favorites, the “I don’t know what to do with my hands…” and “I wasn’t ready!”

Whatever the detail might be, it’s right there.

But every once in a while we run into an opportunity to partner and work with companies and organizations that are working towards making their communities into a better place. And you can always spot the fulfillment in the smiles; the great thing about capturing people’s pictures when they’re having fun and doing a wonderful thing is how genuine and beautiful their smiles come across.

Recently, we had the pleasure and good-fortune of teaming up with Lexus at the 2016 Giant Race in San Jose for a series of charity 5K, 10K, and half marathon races that take place throughout the Bay Area. These annual events are designed to benefit Project Open Hand (an organization that provides nutritional meals to Seniors and critically ill members of the community), Charro Foundation (a foundation which donates money back to schools in  Scottsdale in the form of grants and donations), Junior Giants, and Junior Achievement (two programs aimed at at-risk youth to keep them physically active through sport and teaching them about financial success).

This year we arrived with one of our favorite set-ups: the Matrix Cam, also known as a 3D GIF booth. Our Matrix cam is a multi-camera array, outfitted with 3 to 100 cameras shooting in all degrees. For Lexus we used a simple 3 camera setup with a nice small foot print, perfect for an outdoor event. We were set up near the finish line, waiting for the racers to come through to get their action shot. All champions deserve an action shot! The Matrix brings the excitement by snapping all angles at the exact same time, freezing the moment forever. Guests got their frozen moments that they could then share with their dearest and nearest, which they did thanks to our Social Media Sharing station which let them post directly to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using the hashtag #GiantRace.

While Lexus and Giant Race 2016 are looking forward to September for their next racing event, us here at Limelight are looking forward to a busy summer of even more 3D and photoboothing goodness.