PAX East- Logitech Roaming Photography

PAX East- Logitech Roaming Photography

Social Sharing on the Go!

Key Features of this event:

• Roaming Photography
• Branded Frame
• Instant Social Sharing
• Pre-populated Hashtags
• Email Optional
• Twitter Contest with Metrics
• Event Wrap up with Social Impressions

I have said it before and I will say it again, we at Limelight love being at PAX East, because I mean, who doesn’t love video games? Who does love Boston? Who doesn’t love the possibility of getting into trouble in both the virtual and physical world?

I know we tend to stick our conversation on this blog mainly to our photo booth work, whether it be a simple iClick set-up, a Green Screen, a splach of Light Painting, or our Bullet Time Photo booth. But I think we rarely mention the fact that we also offer Roaming Photography. It’s not often we get to do this, but it’s always nice being able to still surprise our clients and customers with giving them exactly what they want.

This year, Logitech G wanted us to wander around the halls of the enchanted forest that is the PAX showroom, snapping photos of people posing with their favorite Logitech Products. But of course this being PAX, there was a twist to the experience; Logitech wanted to put our products to the test. Our on-site photographer was also instantly uploading these images to Twitter using our Social Share Station. Since our Social Share Station is connected to Twitter, users simply had to login to their Twitter account, and the image would be posted right then and there for their friends and family to enjoy.

This was all part of Logitech G’s promotion of their newest gaming keyboard, the G810 Orion Spectrum and their Twitter competition, The Great Wall of Logitech, to win a Logitech prize pack. All of this was done using our software. The competition was trending thanks to the hashtag #greatwalloflogitechG.

After all of the roaming through PAX everyone  could still follow their images on Twitter thanks to our Social Share Station, as well as the custom branded overlay we created for Logitech and of course the hashgtags #greatwalloflogitechG or #PAX2016.

Like always, PAX East was busy and hectic, but it was also so much fun for us. Here’s looking forward to PAX West up in Seattle.