Prius Prime – Animated GIF Photo Booth

Prius Prime – Animated GIF Photo Booth

There is a time in every young man’s life when he encounters Jazz for the first time and he’s left not knowing quite what anything is after that. I had that experience a couple of years ago and to this day I am still walking around in a flurry of Birds, Cat-Daddies, Dig It, and the never ending sensation of Bop. Perhaps this is why I overreacted at one of our meetings where we were distributing the Summer 2016 gigs.

Good news: Limelight ended up sending me to the Newport Jazz Festival in Newport, Rhode Island.

Bad news: One of my co-workers flinches every time I walk by. Oh well.

All I can say about the Newport Jazz Festival is that it truly is one of the best things I’ve been too in a very long time and I will be going back every year from now until I die. Because why not? (Seriously, though, why not?) I could go on a tear about how great certain acts were, and how disappointing one or two were, but I can almost hear my boss reminding me that this is not a music blog, but a blog dedicated to the photo booth biz.

To wit: the fine people over at Toyota  planned a three week long promotional tour for the new 2017 Prius Prime. The three stops included Artscape in Baltimore, the Newport Folk Festival, and the Newport Jazz Festival. For this tour, they asked us to come along and be the main attraction. For this, our set up was our Open Air Photo Booth which we paired with our GIF Animation. We had a local area artist (local to the East Coast) paint a lovely background, which our brilliant creative team added a layer or two (or seven) of animation to the background. I’m talking psychedelic colors, flashes, rainbows, kaleidoscopic virtuosity. And unlike other animated GIFs we’ve done before, this GIF features a delicate commercial closing which reads “Prius Prime” and “Toyota” in that order.

Every festival-goer that came through had the option to post their GIFs directly to Facebook or Twitter or could opt for emailing themselves their GIFs using our Social Sharing Station. And everyone walked away with a copy of their photos. Check out the microsite for this event here!

Summer time and the living is easy, indeed.