Comic Con International |Bullet Time Photo Booth

Halo Wars2 GIF SDCC
Halo Wars2 GIF San Diego

Oh, San Diego and your Comic Con ways. This time around at Comic Con 2016, we partnered with Nerd HQ and Xbox to put together a fan-favorite photo booth: our 12 Cam Matrix Booth. For this event, we paired the Matrix booth with a custom made 12-foot-by-10-foot green screen backdrop.
Our creative team set about to design a beautiful background using in-game assets provided by each gaming company.

First up on our busy roster, Halo Wars 2. To celebrate the release of their highly anticipated new game, Microsoft Game Studios wanted their fans to walk away with something memorable. To this end, they reached out to us and set us with the task of creating an immersive photographic experience. Fortunately, that’s exactly our cup of tea.

Their people got ahold of our people, assets were sent back and forth, and we were able to create something worthy of Halo Wars. Our green screen displayed a lovely post-apocalyptic scene from the game, and our 12 Cam Matrix fired off all 12 cameras at the same to capture different angles of the same image in order to create a rotating gif. See: Immersive.

Of course we brought all the rest of our toys with us: our Social Sharing and Printing Stations. Everyone that came through our booth that day had instant access to their GIFs from a microsite gallery designed specifically for Halo Wars 2. So, even if guests were shy about posting their images right there and then, or had other sights to see and sounds to hear, they could always access the site later to post their animations to Facebook or Twitter, email their gifs to themselves or to someone else.

They also have the option to download directly onto their devices to post to any number of other social media platforms. And as we are big fans of party favors, everyone that came through walked away with a printed version of a still of their gif.