PAX WEST – Green Screen GIF Booth


As many goods times as we’ve had at PAX East, our love for PAX West (formerly known as Pax Prime) up in Seattle is very, very real. We’ve been there a number of times now, and when we plan ahead for the year, we always set aside that weekend because even if we’re not there representing a client, we’re there as fans, as friends, and as admirers of what the gaming industry is doing. Some of us here at Limelight are gamers ourselves, and more often than not you will either see someone or overhear someone listening to game reviews, or talking about the lasting effects the Cold War has had on the gaming industry, and the sorts of stories that are being told through video games. Compelling stuff!

When we were brought on by Playstation to help promote their launch of Uncharted 4 as part of their Nathan Drake Collection at the Penny Arcade Expo, more than a couple of us were all-too-excited to jump on the opportunity. We were well aware that a new Uncharted game was a bit of a big deal, so we knew we had to come up with something special to mark the occasion.

We came out with our guns a-blazin’. Literally. We knew, from past experience, that we weren’t going to have a lot of space to work with, fortunately for us, we are able to make the most out of tight spaces thanks to our open air iClick Photo Booth, which we partnered up with our Green Screen. Our services included three badass background scenes for this project, all designed with the idea that our users should feel like they were in the video game. Oh, and to keep in line with the action-packed Uncharted 4, we were putting out GIFs so that everyone walked away feeling like summer blockbuster action heroes.

We had our Social Sharing Station on site, posting directly to Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #unchartedmoments, or if they preferred not making their friends jealous, they had the option to just shoot themselves an email.

As we gear up for PAX West 2016 we can’t help but get excited about what we’re going to see, what we’re going to do, and just how many memories we’re going to get to capture.