New Orleans | Green Screen Photo Booth

New Orleans | Green Screen Photo Booth

I know that we’ve talked about New Orleans before here on this blog, but that’s part of the joy of this job. We enter these new cities and communities all the times and we build relationships. Sure, we’re based out of Portland, but we consider ourselves a part of all of the communities where we’ve worked.

Our job is to make people smile, laugh, and make sure they enjoy themselves; of course we feel at home everywhere we go.

This last time Limelight was back in New Orleans we were in town for the Critical Care Exposition, a nursing convention. Doesn’t sound like the most exciting of ways to spend time in New Orleans. Fortunately, we were asked to be there and it was our goal to make this event memorable for all of the men and women who do so much for everyone on a daily basis.

We were invited to come out by Baxter to set up an experiential, trade show booth installation, which our small foot print is perfect for. Our focus was on brand awareness. We came prepared with a specially branded iClick which proudly boasted Baxter’s name. For the attendees, we had a green screen with a custom designed overlay that our creative team designed. Everyone walked away from the event with an instant 4×6 postcard print from our on-site Printing Station. We also had our Social Sharing Station on-site, so everyone had the option to send their photos in an email, either to themselves or their friends.

The big thing that we enjoy about trade shows is that we get to combine the two things that got us into this industry: we get to represent the brands that we respect and we get to take pictures of the people who get are either going to enjoy those products or benefit from them.

We are currently wrapping up up over at Comic Con 2016. If you’re interested, take a gander over here to see what we did in San Diego!