Bullet Time Photo Booth – 180 Booth

Bullet Time Photo Booth – 180 Booth

There are few days anymore where everyone is in the office at the same time. Perhaps that is why on those days things get a little weird. It usually begins before anyone is even in the office with a group message informing us that the last person in owes everyone else food (I work with sadists).
Eventually, once everyone is in the office, nobody feels like working working, so instead we “work.” Meaning, we bust out (one of) our many camera setups and get to playing, while also working on the eventuality of new ideas. Let’s call it a bit of lite R&D.
A couple of weeks back, we had one such day. Everyone was either neck deep in emails that needed to be read and replied to, working on new software, bidding on projects that would later fill up even more of the time we did not have, or busy eating the doughnuts that the last person in the door had to go right back out the door to buy.
So, of course we decided to do none of the above, and bust out one of our favorite setups: the 12 Cam Bullet Time Photo Booth (aka the Matrix). If you are unfamiliar with the terminology, it is a row of 12 cameras that are all set at the same specs that go off in sync with one another, in order to catch different angles of the same image in order to create a moving picture, or a GIF. This Can also be considered a 180 degree Photo Booth. The way that we set it up that day gave the image a borderline holographic, almost old silent movie type vibe.

The image of our people messing around, while charming (to say the least), was nothing compared to the abundance of riches in terms of ideas and thoughts that we all got about how best to apply this technology to our existing clients, and even better, the clients we didn’t quite have yet.

We have had a couple of installations of our Matrix cam, but none quite like our installation at PAX East for Quantum Break.

For that booth we set up a 24 cam Matrix. Read THIS to find out more about that event.
The fact of the matter is that this is the perfect experiential marketing tool, and frankly we are all excited to continue advancing forward with this technology. (We even got Steve Aoki in the booth! Look here to see him levitate in 3d!)

But right now, looking at this Bumblebee and Rose GIF, sometimes it’s nice to be reminded of why we love our company.