Where do I get backdrop stands for a red carpet photo booth?

When you are offering a red carpet style photo booth having a simple, sturdy backdrop stand is ideal.

Our best recommendation is a Step and Repeat Banner Stand like we used for an adidas shoe release launch party. An 8’x8’ size is more than ideal for most photo booth situations, and these banner stands are very adjustable to create a smaller size if needed. I recommend avoiding any sort of backdrop with “light stand” legs or “tripod” legs as those become a liability for someone to trip over. Instead a banner stand makes a nice clean presentation with little to no risk of tripping.

Here is an economy version from amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Telescopic-Adjustable-Display-Photographic-Background/dp/B006YZSG2E

We favor the more reliable and sturdy version seen here: http://www.bannersnstands.com/m-jumbo-8×8-telescoping-banner-stand/ which will take more of a beating.

Both of these will work with most pole-pocket style backdrops. See also; Where Do I find cool Backdrops?

For those with hanging, or drape style backdrops Gee over at ShutterQube.com makes a very sturdy stand, and he also makes nice backdrops to go with it! Check them out here: http://www.shutterqube.com/store/backdrop-stand/

adidas photo booth backdrop stand

adidas photo booth backdrop stand