What Social Media Software to Use?

PixPosure Sharing Software in Action

PixPosure Sharing Software in Action

What software do you use for social media sharing?

All these people keep talking about Facebook uploads, social media terminals, and twitter… what’s a twitter?

Don’t worry, you too can offer your clients the ability to share their photo booth images instantly all over the internet. People love social media, I feel as though it’s one of the most important things you can offer along-side your booth. So what tools and programs do you need to make this happen?

Well for start, you will need a “station” to share from, this can be a laptop, an ipad, a surface pro, a touch screen computer. The sky is the limit on how you want to set this part up!

You will also need to have internet access on site to network the photo booth computer to the sharing terminal, and allow the images to post to the web.

Next you need software. There are lots out there but beware as some only run on PC, while others are iPad only, you will need to consider this when you are making your plan to purchase the computer/software.

Here are some Favorites:

PicPic Social 
Guppy Share
Photo party upload 
Social Booth
TIF Social