How Do I Get WIFI On Location?

We have all been there, we set-up our social media sharing computers and the venue has NO (or bad) WIFI?! Or worse, we are outdoors in a rural location, how shall we ever solve this internet debacle?

One good option is a mobile hotspot. We prefer the Verizon Jetpack Hotspots. They seem to be the most reliable in more places, and generally have a very strong signal. You can pay-as-you-go for how much service you need. We always have one on-site just in case.

There are other companies and carriers who offer similar mobile hotspots or wifi devices. Check for what’s available in your area. T-Mobile and AT&T also offer hot spot solutions nationally.

Another option to use if you don’t carry a hotspot and you are in a serious pinch for internet, is turning your smart phone into a mobile hotspot. (Check with your phones manual on how to do this.) Most new phones have the ability to transform into a mobile hotspot these days, and while the internet is slightly slower, and will use your data plan on your existing line, it’s a great resource in a pinch.


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