ADIDAS – 180 Bullet Time Photo Booth Houston

If you build it, they will come. Not sure how much this expression applies to here, but there’s a strong probability that I can make it work for this.

We were brought on to cover the launch of Adidas’ and James Harden collaboration: the Harden Vol. 1. Over Black Friday Weekend, we went out to New York City, Los Angeles, and Atlanta to put together one of the most interactive photo booths that we have done. You can read about that event here. So, the obvious thing was to bring us in to cover the Harden VR Experience in Houston the following week. See, we built it, they came (or asked us to come, same thing).

adidas houston matrix cam
adidas houston 6 camera array
adidas houston bullet time

The Harden VR Experience in Houston was different than what we were doing out in the other cities, and was an entirely different sort of GIF booth that we had. The NYC/LA/ATL activation was a single camera set up. For Houston, we came out with two six-cam Matrix Arrays and did a total of four activations throughout Houston by hitting up four different Academy Sports and Outdoors stores. Our 6 Camera Arrays, capture a 180 degree bullet time effect. Stopping time in its tracks!

One of the unique aspects of experiential marketing is just how we can create a livable moment that captures the attention of the consumer to a brand and its product. For the Harden VR Experience the idea was to combine the virtual world with the physical by offering the consumer the experience of a virtual moment with James Harden inside one of two VR capsules, once that was complete, they went over to the Matrix cam photo booth, where they would step in front of the multi-cam rig with the backdrop behind them, which mirrored the backdrop of the virtual reality set that they had just left behind; blurring the line between virtual and physical.

Once the experience was finished, the GIF sessions were uploaded onto a microsite created for each specific event, where attendees can email, post, and share direct!

Like I said before, if you build it, they will come. Except this time, I mean the consumers. If you can create an experience that completely captures someone’s attention and grabs hold of their senses, then there is nothing that you can’t do. That’s what Limelight Photo Booth is best at, and we’re only getting better.