Warped Tour Green Screen Booth


Our first stop on the Magic the Gathering: Ignite Your Spark campaign was in Las, Vegas. In the sweltering hot heat of late June we set up a green screen photo booth at the Warped Tour. Temperatures rose as high as 118 degrees as we sat in the parking lot of the Silverton Casino. We were offering a chance to take your photo against our green screen and enter the cover photo contest. Winning the contest would get you two tickets to any PAX Expo in the world of your choosing.

At the beginning of the day we had a great crowd of people coming through to get their cover photo taken and an 8×10 instant print to take home. As the day wore on and the temperature began to soar, people were sweating it… literally.

All in all it was a fun day, but man was it hot. I look forward to our next stop on the Ignite Your Spark campaign, Melbourne, Australia… It’s going to be winter there!