SXSW Instagram Photo Booth

If we were to round up the most popular marketing trends to hit SXSW this year I feel like the Instagram Photo Booth would be at the top of the list. Instagram Hashtag Printing is an incredibly new and powerful crowd sourced image tool that allows users to be the photographer. It is the modern world version of the disposable camera, with the added benefits of beautifying Instagram filters and branded print designs.

It simply takes an event specific hashtag and sends them to our Instagram Printing Station where guest who have taken pictures with their own devices can pick up prints. All prints can be specifically branded and designed in thousands of ways.
This process was incredibly popular at SXSW this year in Austin, TX. We saw tons of action on location with lots of brand interaction. We at Limelight have been doing Hashtag Printing for a long time and have all the tools to make any corporate activation a success. Hashtag printing allows users to interact with your brand and offer an inside, candid experience. It’s no wonder it’s popular among major brands because you can create social media buzz with the use of a brand/event specific #hashtag. This really gets people talking, and snapping pix!

I am anxious to see if the trend stays strong for SXSW next year and hope that Limelight will have a place in the heart of Texas with our InstaPrint Hashtag Station.

Instagram photo booth