PAX East | Cosplay Photo Booth

PAX East has bid us farewell once again, and the dust has settled enough for a recap of the fun stuff we did over the busy gaming weekend. This year we were a part of the Polaris booth, offering up a sweet photo booth to promote the release of the new game The Witcher 3. But first we had to brave the 2015 snow storm of Boston, MA.

We were very excited to also have award winning cosplay models, Kevin Thong and Nadya Sonika with us posing with guests as they came through our booth. As you can imagine the fabulous cosplay of Eredin and Triss were insanely popular and we captured a lot of great images!
We launched our newest social media sharing software, which is entirely cloud based, and made an instant gallery of everyone’s images. Want to see all the exciting PAX Cosplay fun? Check out the gallery by Clicking Here! Each guest got to take home an instant print from their photo shoot with Eredin and Triss, and twitter users were reached by the thousands with our social media kiosk! This was one of the most exciting photo activations I have been on recently!
Now… to start gearing up for PAX Prime in Seattle!

Eredin and Triss with our Photographer


Super Mario Cosplay at PAX East