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  • Enhance Your Brand Awareness with Social Media Sharing.
  • Track Your ROI with Analytic Metrics and Consumer Insights.
  • Custom Photo Experiences for Your Brand
  • Trade Shows, Conventions and Tour Bookings
  • The iClick is a Multi-Functional Photo Booth Kiosk
  • Photo, Green Screen, Slow Motion Video and GIF Animation.
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Social Photo Sharing
  • Social Sharing Software Plugins
  • Micro-Sites and Gallery Hosting
  • Pre-Populated Hashtags
  • Open Graph Tags
Customized Photo Experiences
  • Custom Set Builds
  • Permanent Installations
  • Software Development
  • Graphic Design Services
Innovative Technology
  • RFID and Barcode Photo Booth
  • 3D Matrix Cam (Bullet Time)
  • Full Body Green Screen
  • Stop Action GIF Animation
Brand Ambassadors
  • Interactive and Engaging Staff
  • Professional Brand Ambassadors
  • Years of Activation Experience
Analytic Tracking
  • Find Your Event’s Social Reach
  • Analytic Tracking & Reporting
  • Consumer Insights and Data Consolidation
Trendsetting Design
  • Modern Award Winning Designs
  • Brandable and Portable
  • Easy Setup with Small Footprint