RFID Photo Booth


The New Social Sharing

Photo Booth and Photo Sharing Experiences integrated with RFID technology
RFID Photo Booth

RFID photo sharing is the newest and fastest technology to hit the photo marketing scene. 

Limelight can fully integrate with any RFID system.

Guests can pose, then “swipe” their badge, bracelet or other ticketing item, and be on their way! Scanning can be integrated with any system and works with every photo activation style we offer. 

This is the quickest deliverable on the market, perfect for conventions, trade shows, tours and festivals!

     HOW Does This Work?!

  • The guest is registered with a badge or bracelet
  • Guests enter the Photo OP area. 
  • Guests exit Photo OP and head to the social sharing station
  • SWIPE the badge, walk away.
  • Photos are instantly sent via email to the guest
    (with pre-poulated links to twitter, facebook, ect.)
  • The Data is Collected