Gallery FAQs

Sharing: Be Social
Love social networking? We do, too! Our galleries have some great built-in ways for you to tout your photos using some of the most popular services: Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, and tumblr.
How do I start?
Click the Share button you see on your gallery page and select “Be Social.” You’ll see a new area with 4 tabs, each with a different social network option
You’ll need to authorize the connection, so click the Connect with Twitter button and a new window will launch where you can sign in with your Twitter username and password. This will allow us to talk to Twitter so you can update your feed right from our website. Once you’ve logged in, make sure you’ve selected the photo you want. It will preview in the box at the right. If you don’t like it, click the arrows to navigate to the one you prefer:

Enter your accompanying text, then click Share on twitter. We’ll automatically count down the number of characters you have left as you type, just like Twitter does for you. Your followers will see a link to your gallery, highlighting the photo that you selected.

First you’ll need to sign in and authorize the connection. Enter your Facebook login details, then click Connect. Now you’re ready to post.
Next, make sure that the image you want to represent your gallery is shown on the right. If you want to change this, just hit the little arrow buttons to step to the next one. When you’re ready, type a message to accompany the link to your gallery. When you’re done, click Share on facebook. Your friends will see your thumbnail, text, and a link to see more photos from your gallery.
Click the arrow buttons to choose the photo you want to share, previewed on the right. For FriendFeed, you can even select one of three image sizes for the image you’re posting: Thumbnail, Small, or Medium.
Enter the text you want to appear on your update into the Title field. By default we’ll fill in the photo caption. Then just type in your FriendFeed login information and click Share on friendfeed. It’s that simple!
Make sure the image you want to post is shown on the right, and choose an image size (Thumbnail, Small, or Medium). Just type your text into the caption field along with your tumblr account login info. When you’re done, hit Share on tumblr. Easy as pie, and your friends will see your image and a link to the gallery.